Sunday, June 27, 2010


The 2nd freestyle event of PWA 2010 will be on Lanzarote – Cost Teguise, which will be held from the 30th of June till the 3rd of July. I'd already arrived here yesterday and ready for the competition! I flew here from Moscow by Airberlin airline with a stop in Berlin and for my 2 bags full of equipment I paid only 50 Euros – I like it!

Forecast for week does not look very good. But we hope that the wind will start to blow full power in the coming days and event will take place. Maybe we will get a chance to train a little bit before the competition but now the sky is very cloudy and there is no wind.

I had not trained for several months and missed the first PWA event in Austria. Also in the last week of JP photo shoot on Maui in April I'd injured my left knee. Then I spent 2 months at home trying to cure my leg and meanwhile finding time for graduating exams in the Uni. I hope that I have completly recovered and able to show all my best on the contest.

Most of the riders already here and all basically live in the same hotel - Sands Beach Resort. The hotel is very cozy and located 5 minutes walk on the beach to the competition area.

My plan for the nearest future is to train for entire July in Fuerteventura and I hope that there will be a great team of freestylers training together.

By the way, last week I’d passed the driving tests and had finally got Driving License! I hope I will be able to drive the car in the Canary Islands and someone of my friends will give me a couple of lessons.

See you later!

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