Tuesday, November 3, 2009


How and when did you start windsurfing?
I was born in St. Petersburg on Vasilevskiy Island. This is most eastern island of the Baltic Sea. When I was 12 years old I got the first time on the board and after that spent on the water 20-30 days every summer. Many times I took part in race competitions at the Black and Azov Seas. And I traveled twice with my district windsurfing club «Drive» to contests in Egypt as well. Then I understood what I wanted to be engaged for the next ten years. In 18 years I went for training for six months to Dahab and El Tur. There I met my friends with whom I grew up into professional windsurfer.

Why did you choose freestyle discipline more than slalom or Formula ones that a lot of people practice in the east of Europe?

I like sailing sport because I lived by the sea, and windsurfing is the top of the sailing sport. And by technology, by sailing and by tactic. In my childhood I like everyone raced in many races, but only in Freestyle and Wave disciplines I feel enjoy of the game and the dialogue with the powers of wind and sea. Besides I love freestyle on a skateboard too. In freestyle I think it is another life-philosophy than in the racing.

2009 was your second season on PWA World Tour, what do you think about your 8th overall place in freestyle discipline?

I think that the eighth place is a quite big success, because there are many sailors who ride at a very high level, and I was somewhat just more lucky. In my plans it was to stay in 10th position this year. However it seems to be even better. Now I need to approve my results by my future achievements.

Can you explain us how is windsurfing in Russia? Is it a growing sport?

I think it’s just beginning to develop. Previously, windsurfing and sailing had no social base, as in our country at that time there was no even middle class yet. Moreover, there were no rules, how the middle class had to live. Now people have got some money and some experience. Now they started to choose sailing style for their lifestyle. Quite many wealthy people start to come in windsurfing from stations in Africa and South Sinai. By the way these people give me money for my training and competitions. While windsurfing in Russia develops slowly and only as a low budget old-school fan.
Russian windsurfing centers in Egypt made their bet on wealthy and middle-class family audience with children. Only last years these people started to open up Europe. In Dahab last year worked 5 big windsurfing stations with Russian management.

You are the only Russian who is a professional windsurfer, any chance to see other guys like you on the tour in the future ?

All the riders from our country, who ride well enough, work as instructors at the Russian windsurfing centers in Egypt. And they plan to remain there for long. I just wanted to grow further in the sport and all my time and energy put into training.
It seems I was born and grew up in a country with undeveloped sailing infrastructure, no government support for the sport, few conditions for windsurfing... Any my result would be successful. I really wanted to perform well. Now I can say that I really did everything I could to perform well. And I was lucky. And many people around me like my campaign and my style of work. I want to thank my sponsors JP-Australia, NeilPryde, MFC and Five Squares for support.
 We are proud of  Olga Raskina in the women's freestyle. This year she finished in 8th place, which is also quite high result. More time of her life she spends in Dahab working as an instructor on Russian windsurfing school “Five Squares” and training with another nice girls.

How do you do for training during winter time when it s difficult to sail in Russia because of wintertime?

Last two years I trained in Venezuela on island Margarita. However this year I will not be there because I need to prepare for the exams in the University and receive a diploma.
In the winter time I will practice in Dahab. I think I have many reserves to add. I understand where my reserves are located. And winter training in Egypt will lay the groundwork for next year.

Wish me good luck!